Flowers & an Engagement Session in Boulder, Colorado.

Tiffany & Caleb wanted to do an engagement session in Boulder, Colorado. They had envisioned fields of wildflowers, mountains, and an overall fun engagement session while they were visiting. As a result, we found some incredible flowers blooming at Chautauqua Park!

They arrived just as golden hour began, and we started off their engagement session running through the fields and enjoying the mountain breeze. The energy of this couple was so fun and natural! They brought the romance, (in other words), they were on fire!!!! Together, we created some magical moments.

At the end of this flowery engagement session in Boulder, Colorado- after popping some bubbles, they took a rest in a field of bright purple booms. We ended with an aerial photo of the beauty surrounding them. I’m always brainstorming on how to bring new and fresh cues and creativity to each session, and this one turnout out to be one of my favorites!


I’d love to hear what some of your favorite photos are from this gallery-

I work to help create spontaneous natural connections, and avoid stiff poses. This has taken years of practice and also, knowing the couple you are working with! Sometimes a few poses help to relax people starting off. Tiffany and Caleb had an immediate joy about them that translated in these photos!

In conclusion, checkout the rest of their album on my galleries tab! 

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts below!


I was singing this song to them the whole hour of their engagement session! I’m sure they appreciated my lovely voice– playing music is something that I love to bring to my sessions. Nothing makes you dance more than your favorite song!

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