A Santa Barbara Engagement Session

A Santa Barbara Engagement Session in March-

This past weekend we went to Santa Barbara for the first time and I have to say, I love it. I met an awesome couple via Instagram, and photographed them on the beach during sunset. The cliffs are breathtaking with the waves crashing all around. They brought such a fun energy and had the ultimate California vibes about them!

How I “Pose” Engagement Sessions

My style of photographing engaged couples involves cues vs typical posing. Instead of saying ” put your arm around her and look at me.” I typical have couples practice their first dance, or run to each other and imagine that they’re reuniting at the airport.

These help to create fun and candid laughing moments verses awkward family photo style.

About Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has such a European/ Spanish vibe mixed with the slow beach life. I have never seen so many families and pregnant people! The beach is nestled down a few hundred steps and rising to the photography occasion, are cliffs covered in moss and rock. Talk about a dream. Along with the cliffs, there were sunflowers blooming along the top everywhere and baby seals below.

Our Favorite Places We Went

We rented a car and drove around to explore a bit. Our favorite bar was in Carpinteria and was called The Apiary. https://drinkapiary.com/

We also hiked the Carp Bluff trail and went to the Seal Refuge, which I highly recommend! We took some maternity photos there-



Below is the Engagement Session in Santa Barbara!

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Here’s to more beach photos, california sunshine, and another trip to Santa Barbara in the future.

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