Why don’t my photos look like that?

Have you ever tried to get the PERFECT photo of your family, kids, or dog? Only to give up because it feels totally impossible. Iphone photography is a challenge and fast moving skill. Today I want to highlight some tips and trick to keeping your photos and your instagram grid top notch. The key topics below.

  • consistently edited content
  • finding the light
  • creating movement

The most important tip of all is keeping your content consistent! As humans, our eyes are drawn to pretty and organized things.

If your instagram or blog is all over the place with different editing colors, different presets, and random chaos, our immediate reaction is to move on because that is stressing the brain out!

The number one way to keep it consistent is photograph with the same lighting, and edit using the same preset. Some of my beginning favorites are VSCO, and HBgoodie’s tropical presets for lightroom mobile!

Finding the light |

There is a VERY big difference between good light and bad light. Over time you can develop an eye for this. In any situation I am constantly noticing the light.

If I go get coffee with a friend, I purposely sit in the spot where the light will make us look good (I know it’s so vain.) It will bother me the ENTIRE time if I know that the lighting on myself or the lighting on my friend is shadowy and making us look tired and haggard. So just a warning, once you learn lighting, it will bother you forever.

Side-lighting or direct lighting are your easy-peasy friends. If you sit directly opposite a window, you will look good. Your eyes will shine, your skin will be soften.. boom done.

Side-lighting adds an artistic touch to the scene and creates some moodiness. If half your face is lit and the other is shadowed, it will hint at mystery and depth ( I hate to do side-light when I have a big ol’ forehead zit, however.)

Creating the movement |

This one is pretty simple, People aren’t drawn to 100% perfection. Our brains want organized and pretty, but we also want a human feel. So movement is the key!

If you’re sitting waiting for your child to stop moving, you’ll be waiting there forever. The feeling and nostalgia that movement brings to life is something that is so worthwhile. So if you’re daughter is having a race, get that iphone out and chase her! If she is drawing, don’t make her stop what is happening but simply document the moment. It will convey so much more depth.

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