New Zealand on the CHEAP

Hi fellow travel lovers!

Let’s talk about how we got to NZ for just over $500 round trip in tickets


how we traveled in NZ for 8 days without going BROKE.

First | Here is a collection of images to get you hyped and ready to book your flights ASAP.

Are you hyped?

Alright, enough with the chatter. Here are my top 5 helpful tips for traveling to your dream place without breaking the bank and digging into that savings account. .

1 | Getting There

Scott’s Cheap Flights:

This is a travel page that allows you to sign up for email alerts when airlines post “mistake fares.” Mistake fares are when airlines post a price that is significantly below the normal and it’s usually only post3ed for 12 hours.

Unless you have endless time to spend on Google Flights… Scott’s Cheap Flights does the hard work for you.

We got an email blast about $500 flights to Auckland, NZ and after a quick phone call with each other, had booked them by the end of that day. The key is being FAST and ready to be spontaneous.

2 | Stay

Our #1 recommendation for stay that doesn’t break the bank is stay in cheap Airbnb’s or hostels (~$50 a night) and then splurge on a few days where you can feel like royalty. The splurge place always helps you feel like you’re on a true vacation without spending a fortune on stay everyday.

3 | Touring

If you’re like us, there’s something that you cannot miss. For us, it was skydiving (OK.. maybe not included in the 1k price total but worth it to us!!) and Milford Sound. We talk and agree on our top two things every trip that are must do’s and we do them! After that, you’d be surprised how many free things you can do! For example, there’s a Queenstown gondola ride to the top. We decided we were going to hike up rather than pay $40 a person for a 5 minute ride! Along our hike we saw so many more views and created a way better experience.

4 | Transportation

This differs in every place. In NZ we rented a little car and decided to not get the off-road 4WD vehicle to conserve gas (which is SO expensive there.) The rental for the cheapest car was only $25 a day compared to $80!

5 | Food

We are major foodies. We love to eat. Different places = different crazy food. But what we do to keep it cheap, is choosing a nice restaurant for one night and eating where the locals go for the rest! Breakfast is also provided at a surprising amount of hostels and hotels! We also like to stock up on snacks and water at the local markets so we don’t get trapped in expensive tourist places when we’re tired, dehydrated and hangry.

Hope these are helpful! Thanks for reading!

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