What we're about


 | Together |

| We're a mix of introverted and extroverted | a 7 and 2 on the enneagram scale.

| Recently obsessed with sour beer and always wine drinkers. 

| Home coffee roasters and photo journalists of all kinds of love.

| Professional DIYers and occasionally Pinterest failers. 



Rae | Get to know

Typical Morning | Workout + Espresso + Journaling

Favorite Place |  Hallstatt, Austria. 

Future Dreams | Newborn photographer and baby cuddler for life.

Recent Book | Handmaid's Tale

Binge Food | Chips and Salsa for life (always with a margarita) 


Jimmy | Get to know

Typical Morning | Sit on patio, drink home-roasted coffee, read

Favorite Place |  London, UK

Future Dreams | Live overseas, surf pro, and entrepreneur 

Recent Book | The Defining Decade

Binge Food | Chips and Guacamole, and white wine.