established in 2012

Our business began when Rae wanted to save up for a camera one summer during her sophomore year of high school! She bought a canon and started photographing friends, flowers, dog, and anything and everything she could find. She began to understand what lighting created the best photos, the manual settings on the camera, and took a photography class in high school to help! By her senior year, she was taking senior pictures for several friends and acquaintances and earning a little bit on the side doing that. 

Going into college, she wanted to do something that could still continue to let the business develop while having a “stable” job as a backup. By the time she graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, she was photographing 3 weddings that year and loving all the family photos around the holidays she was doing! Jimmy at this time was also in Business school learning the ins and outs of running a future business he knew nothing about at this time!

We got married in 2015 and continued to grow the business for two years and focused solely on weddings. After a summer of shooting 12 weddings, we decided to focus more on all stages of life instead of just marriage (even though it’s one of the best stages!) Branching out into newborns, family, and lifestyle opened up my perspective into the vastly different and still creative world yet to be discovered out there! 

Instead of settling for the typical studio and posed photos that don’t give time to allow the moments in between to be captured, I wanted to show all the spectacular or small glimpses of every stage! In weddings — the whisper of a joke you share when no one notices, in newborns — their tiny hands clasping yours, in families — the love/hate relationship between a brother and sister. We look forward to creating and remembering these moments with each of you as well.

Rae and Jimmy